These terms and conditions are intended to give buyers a guide to our services, but are not complete and a full copy is obtainable on request.

Rawmec Ltd aim to supply accurate and detailed information on all documentation including, but not exclusive to, emails, faxes, letters and pages on this web-site. Although every measure is taken to ensure details are correct, as an agent for machinery we can only supply details to the accuracy provided by our clients, and therefore heavily recommend that all machines are independently inspected prior to purchasing. Likewise, all photographs provided on this site are as accurate as our current document processing permits; however, these may or may not be accurate or recent, and should therefore only be taken as an indication only.

ALL machines on this web-site should be in full working order unless otherwise stated; however, Rawmec Ltd provide no direct warranty on any product, and therefore everything should be assumed to be sold as seen. In some circumstances our clients wanting to sell machinery, may be prepared to offer warranties, spares etc, but we cannot guarantee or backup any of these services.

IMPORTANT! Being a world-wide distributor, machines may or may not be compliant with your local health and safety regulations. In these circumstances we strongly recommend that this is checked prior to purchase.

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