Rapid 80-45 KU Granulator

Throat: 800×450
Drive: 37kw
6 new rotor blades
2 new dead blades
Sound proof
Open/HD Rotor
12mm screen



The Rapid 80-45 KU Granulator features a completely soundproofed enclosure giving the user extremely quiet operation when the machine is running. The sound dampening insulation uses the latest soundproofing technology to minimize decibel output.

It has a centrally hinged two-piece cutting chamber with a robust welded steel construction, with the upper and lower sections of the housing meeting horizontally. 2 reversible stator knives with double cutting edges are fitted as single elements to the lower section of the housing, allowing multiple re-sharpening and adjustment of the stator knives. There is a hinged screen cradle and hinged door for easy screen access.

The rotor is a heavy duty paddle type design with 6 knifes cover plates to protect the blades when processing abrasive applications. The 6 knifes mounting bolts are screwed into the mounting plates as opposed to the rotor. All 6 knives are manufactured from chrome nickel tool steel as standard, but when processing applications that are particularly abrasive the granulators can be fitted with a specially designed wear resistant rotor utilizing wear resistant steel parts and hardox facing.

The v-cut cutting geometry offers distinct advantages over other rotor designs, including higher throughput with reduced power consumption, better quality cut, and lower noise levels. Specially designed knife setting jig means that the knives can be adjusted from outside the machine, significantly reducing the downtime required to change/set knives. The base frame has a solid welded construction with anti-vibration rubber feet to reduce vibration and noise.

The 37Kw drive motor is mounted on tension rails to allow easy adjustment of the V-belt tension. Integrated suction trough for material discharge. Integrated rundown safety device prevents access to the rotor until it has come to a complete stop.

All Rawmec’s machines are taken through a 10 point safety inspection. All safety systems are replaced if missing. So safety switch prevents machine startup when the front panel is open and the machine features emergency stop buttons on the machine body and control panel.


  • Throat: 800×450
  • Drive: 37kw
  • 6 new rotor blades
  • 2 new dead blades
  • Sound proof
  • Open/Heavy Duty Rotor
  • 12mm screen


  • WOOD
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