AXO WM608-16e Shredder

Shredding chamber – 608mm
Cutter Width – 16 / 38mm
Power – 15+15kW
Voltage – 400V
Weight – 1200kg
Throughput – up to 2500kg/hr



The WM608-16e is a Low Speed, High Torque Shredding system that processes input product on the principle rather than the impact principle. It is able to process a variety of input materials, and should be operated in an indoor factory environment. The WM608-16e is powered by 2 – 15kW, 4 Pole electric motors.

The length of the cutting chamber has been kept to a low 608mm to allow maximum torque delivery without the stresses encountered by the utilisation of a longer series of shafts.

At time where particularly disagreeable product is loaded into the machine an auto reverse function will be activated where the 2 cutting shafts will change direction in an effort to reduce the load. When the Threshold Current (set within the Soft-starter) is met and sustained for a pre-set period of time (0 – 50 milli-seconds) it is then the machine will go into reverse for another pre-set peroid of time (this is within the PLC).

The WM608-16e incorporates several safety features that have been designed to protect the operator from physical or electrical hazards. We have added new Soft-starter technology that provides higher starting and shearing torque while at the same time protecting the mechanics of the machine.

All Rawmec’s machines are taken through a 10 point safety inspection. All safety systems are replaced if missing. So safety switch prevents machine startup when the front panel is open and the machine features emergency stop buttons on the machine body and control panel.


  • Shredding chamber (mm) – 608
  • Cutter Width – 16 / 38mm
  • Power (kW) – 15+15
  • Voltage (V) – 400
  • Weight (kg) – 1200
  • Throughput – up to 2500kg/hr


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