Cumberland 4590 GranulatorCumberland 4590 Granulator

Cumberland 4590 Granulator

Throat: 940 x 500mm
Drive: 45Kw
Rotor Blades: 3 rows 3 = 9
Stator Blades: 2 rows 3 = 6
Sound Proofed
Open Rotor
Heavy Duty
10mm Screen

Cumberland 1828 GranulatorCumberland 1828 Granulator

Cumberland 1828 Granulator

Throat: 18 x 28″
Drive: 45kw new motor
Solid Rotor
Rotor Blades: 6
Stator Blades: 2
Ideal for purge/lump Pvc window frames

Rapid GK 60-45 GranulatorRapid GK 60-45 Granulator

Rapid GK 60-45 Granulator

Throat: 600-450mm
Drive: 30Kw
Rotor Blades: 6
Stator Blades: 2
Sound Proofed
Heavy Duty/Open Rotor
8mm Screen
New Bearings
New Blades

Cumberland 5-84 GranulatorCumberland 5-84 Granulator

Cumberland 5-84 Granulator

Throat: 400x500mm
Drive: 15kw motor
Open Rotor
Rotor Blades: 3
Stator Blades: 2
Screen: 8mm
Ideal for waste plastic of all types

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