Used Shredders by Rawmec Ltd

These shredders might be used, but that doesn’t mean they are any less in quality, reliablitiy, power and through-put quantity.

When we sell ANY shredder we put our proud name to it. That means all the shredders that are reconditioned by us go through a very strict 10 point maintenance check, you can read more about this 10 point check here.

All the shrdders reconditioned by us below are back to factory standards, but for sale at less that half of the costs of a new version.

CSB K45 Single Shaft ShredderCSB K45 Single Shaft Shredder

CSB K45 Single Shaft Shredder

Size 1500 x 2000 (mm)
45KW Drive
New Cutting Teeth
New Dead Blades
Cutter width 1500mm
Cutter Diameter 380mm
All electrics are in good condition, renewed or refurbished as necessary
Operation automatic or manual with hydraulic ram

Remcaw Twin Shaft ShredderRemcaw Twin Shaft Shredder

Remcaw Twin Shaft Shredder

Shredding chamber (mm) – 1000×500
15 mm blades (no.) – 24
Power (kW) – 2 x 22kW
Voltage (V) – 220/400/460
Weight (kg) – 2200

DGS 1200 ShredderDGS 1200 Shredder

DGS 1200 Shredder

Shredding chamber (mm) – 1120×1570
Rotor Diameter – 457mm
Rotor Knife – 81
Strator Knife – 2×4
Power (kW) – 55

AXO WM608-16e ShredderAXO WM608-16e Shredder

AXO WM608-16e Shredder

Shredding chamber – 608mm
Cutter Width – 16 / 38mm
Power – 15+15kW
Voltage – 400V
Weight – 1200kg
Throughput – up to 2500kg/hr

Satrind 3K7/30 3 Shaft ShredderSatrind 3K7/30 3 Shaft Shredder

Satrind 3K7/30 3 Shaft Shredder

Shredding chamber (mm) – 488×525, 15 mm blades (no.) – 48, 30 mm blades (no.) – 24, Power (kW) – 11+11, Voltage (V) – 220/400/460, Weight (kg) – 2200.

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