Used Granulators by Rawmec Ltd

These granulators might be used, but that doesn’t mean they are any less in quality, reliablitiy, power and through-put quantity.

When we sell ANY granulator we put our proud name to it. That means all the granulator that are reconditioned by us go through a very strict 10 point maintenance check, you can read more about this 10 point check here.

All the granulator reconditioned by us below are back to factory standards, but for sale at less that half of the costs of a new version.

Cumberland 4590 GranulatorCumberland 4590 Granulator

Cumberland 4590 Granulator

Throat: 940 x 500mm
Drive: 45Kw
Rotor Blades: 3 rows 3 = 9
Stator Blades: 2 rows 3 = 6
Sound Proofed
Open Rotor
Heavy Duty
10mm Screen

Cumberland 1828 GranulatorCumberland 1828 Granulator

Cumberland 1828 Granulator

Throat: 18 x 28″
Drive: 45kw new motor
Solid Rotor
Rotor Blades: 6
Stator Blades: 2
Ideal for purge/lump Pvc window frames

Rapid GK 60-45 GranulatorRapid GK 60-45 Granulator

Rapid GK 60-45 Granulator

Throat: 600-450mm
Drive: 30Kw
Rotor Blades: 6
Stator Blades: 2
Sound Proofed
Heavy Duty/Open Rotor
8mm Screen
New Bearings
New Blades

Cumberland 5-84 GranulatorCumberland 5-84 Granulator

Cumberland 5-84 Granulator

Throat: 400x500mm
Drive: 15kw motor
Open Rotor
Rotor Blades: 3
Stator Blades: 2
Screen: 8mm
Ideal for waste plastic of all types

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