What is a Granulator?

A granulator is used for size reduction, this is an essential step in plastic recycling. Granulators break down the waste products such as waste, wood, plastic, rubber, paper & carpets into smaller pieces called ‘regrind’ or flake’.

This maybe the only step before the ‘regrind’ can be reused in manufacturing new products. However the recycling of waste products requires other processes such as sorting and separation, size reduction, washing and pelletizing.

What types of Granulators are there?

What is inside a Granulator?

In a granulator are two types of knives. The cutting knives (rotor blades) and the stationary knives (stator blades). The cutting knives are mounted on a rotor, which is either open (usually has gaps to let the plastic fall through) or solid. This rotor is spun at high speeds by an electric motor. The motor is situated inside the cutting chamber where the stationary knives are mounted.

As the product enters the cutting chamber, the rotating knives cut the plastic into little pieces, until they are small enough to fit through the holes in the screen. The product will continue to mix and be cut until it is small enough to fall through the screen. The screen is situated under the rotating knives and can be changed so that the holes can be of different sizes depending on your required output size.

Which Granulator is right for you?

There are as many different types of granulator as there are different types of product. Whether you choose ‘Scissor Cut’, ‘V-type Cut’ or ‘Helical Cut’. Or open rotor or solid rotor. Or the motor speed… Choices, choices, choices…

If you are confused about your application?  At Rawmec, we manufacture Granulators and Shredders – and the output of each differs substantially.  Therefore, if you’re not certain of exactly what your equipment needs are, contact our engineers and they can quickly assess your needs and help you determine if a granulator is right for you.

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