How do I fix my broken, wrecked and badly repaired recycling machine.

We’ve been in the plastic and recycling industry since 1964, so we know what our customers expect and require from us. This aside there are many new customers that either haven’t heard of us or go else where to buy the machines or get them maintained.

Recently we got an enquiry from a customer called Dave who granulates copper wire. He had a trusty, but old and broken (lets just say it had been through a few wars and lost) Rapid, which needed some serious reconditioning as it was highly unsafe.

Below are a collection of images showing before and after.

Main chassis frame broke causing massive vibration.

Blade gap big enough to put a screw driver between.

Main chassis frame broke causing massive vibration.

No screws? Welded…!

Now the motor, pullies and belts all line up.

Motor has a secure carrier, so the new belts are nice and tight. And the motor isn’t vibrating.

Chassis now welded, bearings are secured in casing with plenty of grease.

No structure to hold motor carrier tight which can cause slapping belts.

Motor mounts fixed.

Shims in place.

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