Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why should I buy from Rawmec Ltd?

Since 1974 Rawmec have been specialising in new and used machinery for the Plastic, Printing and Packaging Industry.

Whats the difference between used and refurbished machines?

A used machine is exactly as it sounds, used. It could be in working order or just stuck out in the companies yard getting rusty.

A refurbished machine means that its in full working order and ready for the customer to use.

Whats the difference between refurbished and Rawmec's 10 point refurbished?

All of Rawmec’s machine go through a 10 point refurbishment program, you can see what a typical machine has to go through, here.

Here are just some of the points:

  1. Replace shaft bearings
  2. Replace belts
  3. Replace blades or sharpened
  4. All safety systems checked and/or replaced
  5. Weak internal structure repaired
  6. Damaged external panels repaired
Can I see the machines?

Every single machine on our website has either images or a video showing the machine in use.

You are more than welcome to visit us and see the machines in our fully equiped warehouse/showroom.

Can I trial the machines?

If the machine is in stock, then any machine can be trialled by the customer. You can send us your waste material or organise a visit and bring it with you.

You can then see the machine in use with your product and we can tell you how the machine operates and even suggest a better working system.

You can organise a trial here.

All we ask, is we film the trial for the purpose of the website, no company names have to be given.

Can you tell me if all granulators will do all plastics?

Yes they will… But you should run a granulator to 60% of its capability for longevity, if you over work a machine it will not last years! As thicker plastics will need a higher power motor. It all depend on quantity per hr.

How you feed the machine, and how you take the grind from the machine, ie; blower, cyclone and bagging unit.

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