A typical story of before and after for all of Rawmecs Machines

We at Rawmec believe you won’t get a better used granulator. Thats because we don’t just clean the machine and then sell it.

ALL of our granulators, shredders are completely reconditioned back to factory standards.

Now this could be just a simple safety systems check and new blades, belts or bearing. But more often than not it involves a lot more than that.

So we thought you might want to know and see more. So the following pictures document one of our new machines; Cumberland 6-84 Granulator going through its full Rawmec Recondition.

This is the typical state of many of the granulators that comes in. We have had far worse..!

We start to strip the machine down to the frame. This is where we find out the real condition of the machine.

All of the panels and hopper are off, now we can see the state of the rotor, blades and bearings.

After stripping and checking the machine, we are left with just the frame.

The frame is sanded, repaired (if needed) and then sprayed with a toughened undercoat.

The machine panels hanging up after being sanded, repaired and welded (if needed). Ready for their first coat of toughened uncoat.

The panels and the shaft housing after the first coat of toughened undercoat.

More panels from the granulator having their toughened undercoat applied.

Some of the varied array of panels with their final coat of paint.

The main frame, with its final coat of paint, ready for the assembly.

The main feed hopper for the granulator back to factory conditions.

All granulator ancilleries get the same treatment, this is the granulators blower after being sanded, repaired (if needed), undercoat and final spray.

Set of new rotor and stator blades. Fix these to the shaft with caution as they are very sharp.

The shaft and blades are all checked, aligned, moved once in the machine so that the precise cutting ratio is acheived.

Set of new belts for every machine, whether they look ok or not, this is part of the Rawmec Standard.

Now to check the control cabinet. Make sure the safety systems, buttons and controls all work.

With this machine we were lucky. Mechanically and electronically the granulator was fine, just need new blades, belts, bearing, all safety systems we working.

Now its time to test it. You can see the granulator in all its glory on the product page: Cumberland 6-84 Granulator

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