Engel ES 80/40 Injection MouldingEngel ES 80/40 Injection Moulding

Engel ES 80/40 Injection Moulding

force: 400 kN, mold height min: 250mm, ejector stroke: 100mm, chuck bore: 16mm, screw diameter: 18mm, clamping plates: 430x430mm, special injection pressure max.: 2200bar, drive power: 11 kW

DGH 600-800 GranulatorDGH 600-800 Granulator

DGH 600-800 Granulator

Throat: 600 x 800mm
Drive: 75Kw
Rotor Blades: 5 x 2
Stator Blades: 2
Sound Proofed
Heavy Duty/Solid Rotor
8mm Screen

DGC 300-600 GranulatorDGC 300-600 Granulator

DGC 300-600 Granulator

Throat: 300 x 600mm
Drive: 11Kw
Rotor Blades: 3 x 2
Stator Blades: 2
Sound Proofed
Heavy Duty/Open Rotor
12mm Screen
Hydrualic Hopper

Rapid GK20-48 GranulatorRapid GK20-48 Granulator

Rapid GK20-48 Granulator

Throat: 230 x 480mm
Drive: 5.5Kw
Rotor Blades: 12 (3 rows of 4)
Stator Blades: 2
Sound Proofed
Heavy Duty/Solid Rotor
6 & 10 mm Screens

DGH 700/1000 GranulatorDGH 700/1000 Granulator

DGH 700/1000 Granulator

Throat: 700 x 1000mm
Drive: 90kw Marathon new motor
Solid Rotor
Rotor Blades: 7 rows of 2
Stator Blades: 2
Blower: 11Kw heavy duty
Cyclone: 800 unit
Twin baging unit

Kween B 800/600 GranulatorKween B 800/600 Granulator

Kween B 800/600 Granulator

Throat: 800 x 600mm
Drive: 45kw new motor
Heavy Duty Open Rotor
Rotor Blades: 6
Stator Blades: 6
12mm Screen
Large Powerful Machine.