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Weima WLK 15 75kW Single Shaft Shredder

Machine of the month

Goudsmit Eddy Current Metal Separator3

Goudsmit Eddy Current Metal Separator

Eddy current separators remove non-ferrous metal particles, such as copper and aluminium, in a continuous process. For the recovery (recycling) or removal of metals.


New Cyclone & Adjustable Height Bag Stand

Bespoke 500mm Cyclone and Adjustable Height Bag Stand. Made to order any size.

Featured New & Used Machines

Cumberland 30-40 Granulator
Cumberland 30-40 Granulator
DGS 1200 Single Shaft Shredder
DGS 1200 Single Shaft Shredder
Adjustable Height Twin Bag Stand
Adjustable Height Twin Bag Stand
AXO WM608-16e Shredder
AXO WM608-16e Shredder

Our Services

Full maintenance program

We at Rawmec can maintain your machine at your site or here at our fully equipped workshop with blade changes, New belts or a general repair. We can also completely recondition any machine. Just ask for a quotation.

Free trails of all our machines

All Rawmec granulators and shredders can be tested on-site* with your preferred materials prior to purchase.

47 Years of service and advice

Rawmec have in excess of 45 years in the recycling industry providing machines to a wide variety of well established companies year on year.

On our web site, you will find a vast selection of good used machinery, including; Blocking Press, Blow Moulding Machines, Capacitor, Cooling System Machines, Extruder Machines, Furnaces, Granulator Machines, Recycling Line Machines, Roller Cutter, Shredder Machines, Vac Forming. Rubber, plastic, machine tools, converting machines for paper and plastic, filling lines for bottles and cans, with a wide range of complete plants.

We are constantly adding more and more used machinery to our database and replacing machines that are being sold.

So please contact us if you are interested in any of the used machinery. Call: 01992 471796